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M4 Smart Motorway

We have recently been working on the M4 Smart Motorway Scheme, running from Junction 3 at Hayes to Junction 12 at Theale.


Hilights Southern LTD started on the decommissioning phase for Bouygues, removing columns, sign posts and cabinets, and also removing cable when required. We also had a team working for P&D, installing the power cable for temporary cameras and speed cameras. We installed interrupter cable throughout the site, fromthe ducting on the verge through to the laying of the cables.


Once the decommissioning phase was over we then began the installation phase, using our highly skilled team we installed new street lighting columns, carrying out some of the civils work too. Installing more than 20 PTZ and over 50 radar masts on the project, so far. The majority of the power cabling and the comms cable throughout the project was also laid by Hilights Southern..

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